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Your Own Trusted Team of Insiders

When you work with us, you do not just get an outsourced CxO – you get a whole team that works as a permanent extension of your business – and repeatedly steps into the gap between your evolving business reality and the real-life performance of available solutions in the marketplace.

You tell your story to us once. We translate it into vendor-speak. And we tell it as many times as necessary to solve your business problem – each time you need to take the next step in your digital transformation.

Imagine having an expert virtual CTO who steps in at inflection points. Expert SEs and engineers to kick the tires and get into the weeds. Expert ops and F&A staff to deal with the day-to-day – from billing errors and credits to ticket escalations. Imagine those people being on a first-name basis with service provider staff. Now imagine not having to hire all those people or pay exorbitant monthly fees to access them.

That is our promise. And as far as how we work and what you can expect, please see our two sets of 7 commitments below.

7 commitments on how we work:

§  Our values and reputation supersede any business deal. We will shoot you straight. Always.

§  Discovery & assessments are done by technical consultants and SEs – no salespeople.

§  We do not carry quotas. We are therefore truly objective and agnostic towards providers.

§  We only get paid when you’re successful and happy. Our success is directly tied to yours.

§  You never pay us for assessments, sourcing, negotiation or implementation.

§  We do not artificially bundle services. Help yourself and get what you need only.

§  Our loyalty remains with you. We will tell you if/when better options are available.

The 7 commitments on process and results:

§  We will take no action unless the business case is proven. No pressure.

§  The products, underlying technologies, and invoicing will be transparently explained.

§  In most cases, we will lower your current spend or get you more for the same amount.

§  Average telecom invoice savings hover around 20-30%.

§  You will realize the estimated TCO, courtesy of locked contracts.

§  The vendors we introduce will be top-of-class and best-fit for your project.

§  Full lifecycle support and managed services will be available to ensure continued success.

We know your job is hard. You no longer have to go it alone.

Here is What You Get:

Find the Signal in the Noise.
Get Results.

Over 90% of CIOs rely on a technology advisor for IT, cloud, and telecom decisions.
What do you look for in yours? 


Find the Signal in the Noise.

Over 90% of CIOs rely on a technology advisor for IT, cloud, and telecom decisions. What do you look for in yours?

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Iaas - Infrastructure as a Service

The Nerve Center of Your Business

Cloud-based infrastructures have already transformed not just IT but much of the way all business is done. IaaS’ benefits of agility, cost reduction, speed-to-market, key competitive advantage, scalability & flexibility, continuity & security, and future-proofing against business risk have only become more compelling – and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) remains unbeatable.
We get it. Every company is fast becoming a technology company. And your IT infrastructure is the nerve center of your business. We put on CFO/CTO/COO hats and act as both technology and business advisors. We go well beyond features and benefits and provide customized risk and TCO analyses. We do not “default” to anything because in IaaS, the players change especially frequently. And we bring in vetted partners to solve any ancillary problem standing in the way of your implementation.
There is no “one size fits most” in IaaS – and the devil is often in the details. The only path to creating “raving fan” customers goes through a willingness to dive into the complexity, to remove weak links in the chain, and to ensure full lifecycle support.With 25+ years in IT including 15 years’ running a national MSP (IT Managed Service Provider), inside access, encyclopedic knowledge, and both consulting and engineering pedigrees, we’ve been advising companies on IaaS since inception.

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Our laas offers include:

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We step into the gap between your aspirations and service provider reality.

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Get your own team of insiders to source, manage and support best-fit IT, cloud and telecom services. Here is how we work: