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Over 90% of CIOs rely on a technology advisor for IT, cloud, and telecom decisions. What do you look for in yours?
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Get your own team of insiders to source, manage and support best-fit IT, cloud and telecom services. Here is how we work:

Discovery & Assessment


We explore your technology, business reality, objectives and priorities. We uncover
risks and determine options. Above all, we listen.

Definition & RFP Management


We define requirements, identify a short list of best-fit vendors and manage the proposal process. You tell your story once. We tell it many times.

Design & Recommendation


We finalize design based on vendor feedback. We run TCO analyses, simplify your choices, and help you make a winning informed decision.

Negotiation & Purchasing


We tenaciously work on your behalf and get you the best business terms and pricing in the industry. All vendor selection services are free to you.

Implementation & Testing


We manage your project, coordinate vendors and hold them accountable. We make sure everyone does their job before you go live.

Support & Management


We provide full lifecycle support. We supervise vendors, escalate tickets, stalk improvements and offer unique managed services.

Company Becomes A Technology Company.

Now What?

Every company is rapidly becoming a technology company.

Every company is facing its own Amazon(s). And investing heavily in technology – because the
choice we all face is “reinvent like Walmart or die like Sears”.

We get it. You are overwhelmed by choice explosion and the pace of change.

And the stakes are now existential.

We have real answers. All we ask is that you see and decide for yourself.

Talk to us. You know your business. We know the business of digital transformation.

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Get your own team of insiders to guide you through your transformation.

  • Cloud Enablement
  • IaaS (Infrastructure)
  • UCaaS (Communications)
  • CCaaS (Contact Center)
  • SD-WAN
  • Data Networks
  • Mobility/Wireless
  • WFH (Work From Home)
  • Security
  • Data Center
  • (DRaaS) Disaster Recovery

Cloud Enablement


Digital transformation has become a do-or-die proposition. And it’s not a one-time event – it’s a moving target. Yet to begin your cloud adventure? Already have all core business functions in the cloud and looking for the next competitive advantage? Either way, you need dedicated insider on your side because navigating cloud enablement has become a full-time job. And you can’t afford to make the wrong choices.

IaaS (Infrastructure)


Cloud-based infrastructures have already transformed not just IT but much of the way all business is done. IaaS’ benefits of agility, cost reduction, speed-to-market, key competitive advantage, scalability & flexibility, continuity & security, and future-proofing against business risk have only become more compelling – and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) remains unbeatable.  

(Unified Communications)


The UCaaS market is projected to keep growing at double digits while PBX and all legacy voice continue to shrink. Your workforce, vendors and customers are increasingly distributed and diverse. They increasingly work from home. And they alternate between devices all day. Mobile and desktop phones and apps must sync transparently – and so must email, chat, text, video and webcasts.

CCaaS (Contact Center)


Did you know that nearly 80% of customers are willing to switch providers due to inferior customer service? Can you afford to risk sub-optimal interactions with your brand?Cloud-based contact centers can either stand alone or work with your existing center. You do not have to unseat an existing installation or make a major investment in order to start enjoying a highly attractive CCaaS stack. 


(Software-Defined WAN)

Even smaller businesses have increasingly more complex org charts and flow charts. More and more business processes and constituents exist beyond the firewall. The need to communicate and collaborate with them all without degrading security or quality is ubiquitous. SD-WANs allow you to use both your existing network and the public Internet along with a slew of other technologies to do just that – without the need for expensive dedicated private lines or an army of IT people. 

Data Networks


In a hyper-connected world, the plumbing over which your business flows has become as essential as utilities. The combination of understanding what’s under the hood of each technology, exhaustive vendor knowledge and that deep bench allow us to get creative. If your primary goal is to save money or get more for the same amount, that is often an easy win.



Utilities and communications are often some of the largest expenses after payroll on your P&L. With our mobility services, saving a dramatic 20-30% off that expense is fairly typical. And we offer managed services to make sure those amounts “stay saved”.

WFH (Work From Home)

No one can predict the future. But one mega-trend clearly emerging into the 2020s is WFH (work from home). Not just your workforce, but every constituent of your business is more likely to be remote many permanently. The signals are crystal clear and much of the global business community is already following them.



High profile security incidents involving companies
of all sizes abound – and costs involving hard ROI, lost revenue, goodwill and trust are all staggeringA profound shift has occurred within the last few years. The days of vendors selling security by “fear-mongering” are over. And security is no longer an “event-triggered” need – call a pro after a break-in – but an everyday part of the conversation, a line item in every budget, and a critical consideration in every initiative for both SMBs and enterprise.


Data Center

While migration to private cloud continues to accelerate,
the need for data center solutions – including straight colocation and hybrids has not abated. Infact, with almost all companies having some resources in-house and some in the cloud, data center projects have become more complex Demand for always-on operations and for resilience, space-efficiency and speed can be met with greater realism and for pennies on the dollar compared to just a few years ago. 

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery)


The business demand for always-on resources and operations has become a worldwide reality – and so has the staggering per minute cost of downtime, loss of productivity, revenues and reputation – to say nothing of the incalculable cost of permanently lost resources. The chasm between what is available and what you’re currently doing is likely to surprise you. Far beyond an insurance policy, current solutions deliver hard ROI daily without ever experiencing a category-3 or above disaster event. 



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