No-obligation expert assessments to discover your cloud-readiness and real needs.



The right cloud & datacenter solutions, road map and best price. All from one source.



Make all your cloud and on-premise resources work together. Architect, integrate, migrate.



Ongoing holistic management of all technology. Police providers, get the best out of the cloud.

Cloud Assessment

Do not jump into the cloud without a thorough assessment of your readiness and priorities against currently available vs. projected cloud solutions. We partner with you to examine your IT ecosystem and define the real business need so you're way ahead of the curve. And here is the best part. There is no obligation – and in many cases, no charge.

Cloud Readiness

We examine your business requirements and your technology ecosystem to accurately define, classify and pre-qualify your desired cloud initiative. We determine the relative cloud-readiness of each relevant business and functional area.

Engineering Site Survey

We conduct a site survey (remotely or in person) of all relevant technology assets and resources. We perform in-depth analysis of potential problem areas that pose obstacles to cloud adoption as well as of areas of high priority.

Essential TCO Analysis

Before we represent you and conduct our unique cloud search, a crucial sanity check is provided during the assessment by our Essential TCO Analysis to determine financial viability of readiness for the cloud.

Business Requirements Definition

Our business analyst team steps in at this stage to help you zero in on your core business requirements and the resulting functional requirements. This is where we ask tough questions regarding priorities, and help reach clarity and consensus on a list of essentials vs. “would-be-nice” items.

Cloud Representation

We deliver representation with substance and explosive business impact. With the full weight of 20+ service provider members, we will find you the best-fit solution in an increasingly complex landscape and negotiate the best price and business terms on your behalf. And it won't cost you a dime. Ask us how.

The Right Cloud Providers

We represent and maintain encyclopedic knowledge of a dizzying array of cloud service providers. Our job is to distill it all down for you and present only a very small number of best-fit providers. In many cases, we may recommend a single solution with options to simplify an otherwise extremely complex process.

Exclusive Client Advocacy

We work for you and represent your interests only. At this stage, our job is to function as a “buyer’s broker” and launch a targeted search of vendors and solutions.

Best Price & Terms

We work for you to secure the absolute best price and business terms that you cannot get on your own. This service alone will often justify working together and tip the total cost of ownership beam in the direction of the cloud solution.

Cloud Road Map

As a vendor- and technology-agnostic objective third party, we help you draw up a strategic road map with a phased approach for cloud adoption. This road map is essential to guide the best-fit vendor search and selection.

Cloud Integration

All technology issues in the way of your cloud adoption solved from one source. We integrate hybrid environments, on-board, and implement your services. We make it all work with existing cloud and on-premise resources. We ensure the success of your cloud initiative.

Integrate with On-Premise Resources

In almost every cloud project including wholesale legacy IT moves to the cloud, there are remaining on-premise resources that need to work with the new cloud solution. We seamlessly integrate your cloud initiative with your on-premise IT environment so that you can get the most out of the cloud.

Hybrid Environments

We integrate any cloud service we may have helped identify, select or purchase with any existing, concurrent, or new cloud services for a centrally-manageable hybrid environment.

Essential Third Party Services

Through our members, we offer high value-add essential third party services ranging from third party backups to NOC monitoring.

Onboarding and Implementation

We help migrate your servers, desktops, applications and data to the cloud. We oversee the provisioning of all cloud services, coordinate timelines, test and QA solutions and conduct soup-to-nuts implementation projects where needed.

Cloud Management

Ongoing support in the cloud including managed IT services for both cloud and on-premise resources, SLA enforcement, trusted third party services as checks and balances against cloud service providers, holistic vendor and contract management and Virtual CTO services.

IT Managed Services

Through our best-of-breed MSP members, we offer a comprehensive list of traditional managed IT services post-launch. Depending on your need, these services may cover cloud and/or on-premise resources and include proactive server, desktop and network management as well as end-user support via a 24/7 help desk.

SLA Enforcement

Due to the obvious conflict of interest involved in cloud service providers reporting on their own SLAs (Service Level Agreements), we offer third-party SLA enforcement services. We can monitor your cloud services, help you file SLA claims and receive credits, and provide a well-rounded list of advanced services designed to police cloud service providers’ performance.

Holistic Account Management

With a dedicated account manager, you have a single point of contact for all troubleshooting, business issues and escalations. We can help you manage all your cloud services and service providers, on-premise resources and third party vendors from one simplified source.

Virtual CTO / Cloud Department

Our Virtual CTO service is designed to keep you strategically-aligned and growing in the cloud. Through quarterly meetings, we keep you informed of all relevant changes, get to know your business at a deeper level, and function as your outsourced CTO and “Cloud Department” for all cloud initiatives.